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How it all started

Several years ago, when I planned a four week trip through eastern Italy, the Umbrian town of Gubbio caught my eye. This because my sources said that it was here where the Iguvine Tables were found, something I vaguely remembered from school.
What little did I know how the decision to visit it would change my life…..

So I came here for the first time in April 2008, for three nights only. The weather wasn’t the best but I did my usual exploring, walking around, taking photos, taking in the atmosphere. On one of these days I suddenly heard drummers and, curious as I am, I wanted to know what this was. To my surprise I found a group of people in historical dresses, throwing large flags to the sound of the drums.
I was absolutely fascinated.

Later, back home, I did more researches to start writing about my travels (those days I wrote on the now deceased Virtualtourist). I found even more exciting details and could not stop reading and learning more about this fascinating town.
Then this is how my deep love or affection of a lifetime started.

In brief:
It was Gubbio where I decided that I must learn Italia.
It was Gubbio where I found my perfect Italian teacher, Edvige Galasso.
It was Gubbio where I returned to in autumn 2009 to learn Italian and explore more of the town.
It was Gubbio where Edvige brought me in contact to members of the societies of flag throwers, bell ringers and cross bowers.
It was the cross-bower Daniele A. who was amazed about of my knowledge of the town and its traditions so that he invited me to their annual contest, Gubbio’s Palio della Balestra, for the following year (2010).
It was for Gubbio’s society of cross bowers and their Palio that I decided to have a historical dress made for me.
It was Gubbio’s society of cross bowers who then asked me to be their leading “madonna” during their historical parade, their corteo storico.
It was Gubbio where I returned twice a year since then.
It is Gubbio and the people I am in love with.
It is Gubbio where I found my peace.

Hence my decision to dedicate an own blog to Gubbio, with entries about the festivals, the patron saint Sant’Ubaldo, the many sights, the people, the food and the places to stay.

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